Additional Services - Wheel Repairs, Paintless Dent Removal and more

Headlamp Rejuvenation

Are your headlamps faded, scratched or yellow? Plastic headlamp lenses can often be reconditioned to an original appearance. We strip the sun damaged coating from the lens and re-apply a durable, non-fading coating to return the shine and lustre to the lens.

Paintless Dent Removal

Often small dents don’t need to be repaired and painted using traditional methods. Depending on the severity, the panel can be returned without breaking the paint using PDR (paintless dent repair). This saves both time and money. Enquire about any small dents on your vehicle today.

Wheel Repairs and Painting

We repair scratches and gutter rash, and refinish the wheel to match the original colour. Or you may want to change the colour all together. If a wheel has had an impact during an accident, it will most likely need repairs and paintwork. But if you just want a fresh looking set of wheels, then come and visit us.

Plastic Repairs and Welding

With technology moving at such a rapid rate, and the materials used in motor vehicle construction evolving, so too have the techniques used to repair todays vehicles. We have been using plastic repair techniques since the inception of the new materials. Where others may quote to replace a plastic part, we can often repair it using heating and welding methods. This can be far more economical, especially when a headlamp on a current model car can cost up to $3000.