Caravan Suspension Repairs 


In some cases, particularly with off-road designs, we have found the suspension to be inadequate for the job. This leads to failure which may cause damage to the chassis or body of the caravan when a wheel becomes detached.

To overcome this, we use upgraded parts such as axles and bearings or heavier duty springs if necessary, as well as redesign the chassis mounting locations where required.

Often, another cause of failure is incorrect tension on wheel bearings

This results in catastrophic damage and rendering the caravan immobile. Usually this damages the axle as well, and is something we don’t take any chances on. Hence, we replace the entire assembly from end to end. This gives you an opportunity to upgrade to a heavier duty setup or increase the height of the van by under-slinging the axles when we refit them.

Once repaired, we not only ensure all correct tension settings, but also make sure you leave armed with the information to self-check along the way and avoid any other setbacks on your journey.